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Number 1 in the development of innovative litter ...

  • With a wide range of quality : Silica gel, bentonite, recycled paper, miscanthus granules, miscanthus chips, pea by-products, etc.

  • Because choosing a litter for your cat and small pets is sometimes tricky, DEMAVIC LABORATOIRE is expanding its litter offer.

  • DEMAVIC LABORATOIRE is positioned as the litter specialist.

  • The best cat litter is here !

  • Ultra-absorbent litter ;

  • 100% bio-compatible ;

  • Zero odor, non-toxic and antistatic ;

  • Economic and ecological ;

  • 1 cat = 1 bag = 1 month

Each silica crystal has
an absorption rate of 150%.

NULLODOR completely traps odors for one month.

They are absorbed at the same time as the liquids.
The liquids evaporate and the odors are trapped in the center of the silica granules completely blocking the ammonia fumes.

Litter in Silicagel

Well aware of these issues and to facilitate the choice, the DEMAVIC LABORATOIRE has developed transgenerational litter for each stage of the life of cats, in a more modern packaging, with flashy colors for better identification and more and more effective!

So revolutionary that some of our products are under patent.

Nullodor Mature Cats :
A revolutionary litter

Nullodor is a revolutionary litter that looks after your cat's health.

  • It detects urinary abnormalities before the first symptoms of disease ;

  • The normal color is pale yellow to dark yellow, golden yellow to yellow banana or olive ;

  • If you notice another color quickly consult your veterinarian !

  • Nullodor Cats Matures reacts with certain abnormal urinary components (blood, bilirubin, alkal, etc.), making them, thus, immediately detectable with the naked eye.

  • From the age of 6, cats often develop urinary tract infections.

  • However, visible symptoms appear only late and the infection is already in an advanced stage.

  • A sick cat hides these symptoms most of the time. This is why the health monitoring detection system will allow earlier diagnosis at the veterinarian.




1 CAT = 1 BAG = 1 MONTH

Created by DEMAVIC LABORATOIRE and developed by veterinarians,
The PERLINETTE product range helps you keep your cat healthy :

  • Maximum efficiency: zero odors ;

  • Practical and economic: 1 cat = 1 bag = 1 month ;

  • Extremely absorbent: over 180% ;

  • Antistatic : Does not stick to paws.

  • Ultra-absorbent litter ;

  • 100% bio-compatible ;

  • Zero odor, non-toxic and antistatic ;

  • Economic and ecological ;

  • 1 cat = 1 bag = 1 month

Pet Shops / Veterinarians

Clumping Silicagel litter

Blue, pink, or even green, litter Nullodor Color becomes a trendy decor accessory for indoor cat-friendly and always without smells !


  • Combine the power of silica gel and Silica Gel agglomeration by eliminating odors ;

  • Drying excrement ;

  • Agglomerating capacity = litter always clean and healthy ;

  • Absorption ability greater than 200% ;

  • Food coloring ;

  • Very small grains with a sandy texture ensures maximum comfort for paws.

  • Ne colle pas aux pattes ;

  • Ultra-absorbante (+180%) ;

  • Eco-responsable ;

  • Sans odeurs pendant un mois



Pure Color Perlinette Clumping Silica Cat litter.
Combine the power of silica gel and agglomeration by eliminating odors and drying out excrement.

Make your litter a trendy decoration accessory for a cat-friendly interior ...

Do not hide it anymore ...

  • Do not stick to paws ;

  • Ultra-absorbent (+ 180%) ;

  • Environmentally friendly ;

  • No smell for one month.

Pet Shops / Veterinarians

Litters 100% bio compatible

Range of Nullodor natural litters made of recycled paper and fir wood.
These litters are 100% bio-compatible and natural.

  • 100% natural litters ;

  • Ultra-absorbent ;

  • Compostable ;

  • Odorless ;

  • Eco-responsible.


Thanks to the extremely absorbent cellulose fibers, NATURAL recycled paper litter absorbs immediately more than 160% of the liquid during the first 5 seconds and neutralizes the odors naturally.


Made from pine chips, this ecological and natural litter is extremely absorbent,
It absorbs up to 200% of its weight in water and neutralizes odors naturally.


Diatomaceous earth litter is 100% bio-compatible and natural.
It exists in bag of 8 L and 20 L.
The Diatom is named after diatomite, a siliceous sedimentary rock of both organic and fossil origin.
The diatomaceous earth comes from the heap of diatom (micro-algae) hulls over millions of years in the bed of ancient seabed. It is in the form of a white (or brown) porous rock that once reduced into small pellets provides ultra-comfortable and 100% natural litter.

Cats and dogs shampoos

These different formulas are adapted to the thin and fragile epidermis of your dog,

and respect the neutral pH of his skin.

Both cleanser and insect repellent, this shampoo helps fight and repel biting parasites such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

It is suitable for all types of hair.

Vegetable Protein shampoo brings volume and shine.
It is perfect for all types of fur and all breeds.

The 2-in-1 Detangling Shampoo maintains the beauty of the coat and make brushing easier.
It has been specially developed for dogs with long hair and
The anti-static active ingredient neutralizes the static electricity of the hairs and prevents the fur from becoming entangled ...

Gentle Special Puppy Shampoo does not irritate the eyes.
It has been specially developed for puppies.

It is suitable for all types of fur.

The White Dog shampoo revives the color and gives a brilliant shine of the fur.
It has been specially developed for white fur dogs.

This anti-itch shampoo has been specially developed to gently cleanse, soothe fragile skin areas and eliminate dandruff.

Easy to use powder that is suitable for all types of animals and that repels parasites : fleas, ticks, flies, and mosquitoes.

The repellent action is effective in a few hours and lasts between 3 and 5 days.

Easy to use and pleasantly scented, this shampoo cleans the coat of your pets without wetting them.
Its formulation guarantees good efficiency.



The brushes WEEN DEMAVIC

Specially designed for cats, small dogs and small pets.
A design and ultra solid handle available in 5 colors and an interchangeable stainless steel comb.

Easy, fast and efficient ...

  • It provides gentle, painless brushing without straining or pulling hair ;

  • Ideal for all types of coat: long or short hairs. For cats, dogs, rodents, horses ;

  • Ergonomic design : it has a good grip and ensures optimal brushing ;

  • Removes dead hair : it makes the hair more silky, the skin breathes better ;

  • Has an interchangeable stainless steel comb : high quality hardened steel, easy to clean, does not rust.

Discover our other products in the shop ...

In the coming weeks, new products will be available.